Bosch CM10GD Review of 2020

Bosch CM10GD Review

If you’re in the wood-cutting business, undoubtedly you need a durable and professional miter saw. Hence you’ll find so many miter saws of 10-inch blade in the market. Today we’re going to cover Bosch CM10GD review so that you can choose the best quality one.

Among the entire 10 inch miter saws available on the market, one that caught our attention is the Bosch CM10GD. Wanna know how smoothly it works? Check out this review and learn what the miter saw is capable of.

The Bosch CM10GD is mostly chosen for its accuracy and advanced features. You can use the miter saw for any kind of heavy-duty and professional wood-cutting jobs. That’s why both professionals and amateurs choose it first.

However, Continue reading this review and learn its features, performance, facilities, and what experts say on this miter saw, etc. all in detail.

Bosch CM10GD Review: [Best 10" Miter Saw]

The Bosch CM10GD is a miter saw of 15 Amp corded with 10-inch Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide that works for a variety of cutting jobs. Professional carpenters and amateur woodworkers highly recommended this miter saw. 

Engineered with the professional users in mind, the miter saw comes up with a vast cutting capacity, the high capacity motor with a 10-inch blade along with all the professional features. 

Further, the durability and accuracy of the miter saw are unquestionable. This miter saw will allow you to finish large stock of wood-cutting jobs at various angle smoothly and precisely.  

Besides, the CM10GD miter saw has an effective dust management solution. It ensures almost 90 ℅ dust collection. Also, you’ll find three powerful vacuum adopters customization with the miter saw. The obstacle-free visible lower cut keeps your cut line entirely clear and visible. Hence, the miter saw will let you precise cut, not any guess.

This Bosch CM10GD comes with some other additional features that are designed to boost your experience. It can handle even the toughest job.

Grizzly G0690 Table Saw Highlights:

Detail Overview of Bosch CM10GD Miter Saw:

Let’s have an in-depth look at the detailed overview of the Bosch GM10CD Miter saw. And hopefully, you’ll understand why we recognize this miter saw as one of the best quality 10″ miter saws available in the market.

Accurate and Precise Cut:

The Bosch GM10CD comes with an exclusive Axial Glide System that allows it the better alignment and wider crosscuts. To ensure the accuracy in wood-cutting, they’re with a laser guide for you. So, all the combination of this miter saw ensures the accuracy in wood-cutting. 

Effective Controlling Feature:

At all angles, this miter saw provides you accuracy and cutting controls. For maximum chop cutting capacity for a nested crown and upright base, molding capacity uses the crown or chop lock. Without included Aram depth 

Front to back is 30-inches that will give you the ultimate control over the miter saw to cut the wood in any angle and size.

Compact Design:

The GM10CD is developed with a compact design that is engineered to save up to 10 in less workspace than the other miter saws. For tight quarters this miter saw is perfect. 

Comfortable Handle:

This Bosch CM10GD ensures maximum comfort to its user while using the miter saw. Its form-fitting and large ergonomic, ambidextrous trigger handle and soft grip provide maximum comfort during all-day use. The transparent lower guard helps unobstructed visibility during the cutting jobs.

Max cutting capacity :

0° miter 0° Bevel: 2-3/4 in. × 10-5/8 in., 45° miter 0° Bevel Left Bevel: 1-1/2 inch × 10-5/8 inch, 45° miter 0° Bevel: 2-3/4 inch × 7-1/2 inch, 45° miter 45° left Bevel: 1-1/2 inch × 7-1/2 inch

Besides, its Max depth at max Bevel is 15°, and the Bevel angle range is 47° both left and right. Furthermore, the Miter angle range is 0° to 47 ° both left and Right

Other Conveniences:

for your ultimate safety, it comes with square lock precision fences with quick and easy adjustments. Engineered up front and large metal bevel controls. And it is complemented with dust collection chute and vacuum adopter so that you may clean it easily. 

Experts View :

According to the reviews of the previous buyers, as a 10-inch miter saw, Bosch CM10GD gives a high-quality performance. Its combined dust chute with vacuum adopter is complement worthy.  

Professional carpenters are highly satisfied with its many features. Most of them found the miter saw running at stress for the whole day long. And it can be easily angled to have excellent miter and bevel cuts.

Professional users especially praise the Axial Glide System of this Bosch CM10GD miter saw for making heavy jobs silky smooth. Its square saver, flexible, and comfortable features have made it much popular among them. 

While digging the customer reviews, we’ve found a few complaints as well. But most of them are the novice users of the miter saw. They faced few difficulties with the miter saw while they were going to start the miter saw. 

Though it is found quite tricky in starting, that doesn’t mean a big deal. All other features and specifications make it a must buy a miter saw.



Brand Faith:

Bosh brand has occupied people’s trust for many years. Since 1886 they are growing business of manufacturing various kinds of power tools for many purposes with reputation. It’s needless to say about Bosch product quality. 

In the wood-cutting industry, Bosch is a trustworthy brand. All the wood-cutting power tools of Bosch are found high quality and longer-lasting. 

For the latest updates and to develop advanced high-quality features, Bosch has individual experts who are working to ensure the highest accuracy of their tools and to ensure the maximum comfort of the users.  

All products of Bosch goes through tests after manufacturing. They double check-up to hand over the best product to their customers. 

For many years Bosch is the name of faith. So, you definitely rely on them.

Editor's Boost

As you’ve come through the full Bosch CM10GD review, you must have learned that this miter saw is full of amazing features that ensure high-quality performance. 

Among all the 10-inch miter saw, CM10GD is one of the best miters saw we’ve ever found. 

Further, It’s highly praised for its 8-1/2 inch with 24 tooth blade and dust collection system. 

Because the blade is effective over any kind of wood, which is the most concern in wood-cutting work, and dust chute and vacuum adopter with the miter saw is unbeatable. This feature will satisfy you with a 90% dust collection.  

Even more, it’s also a great space saver. It fits perfectly in anywhere and easily movable. But if you’re thinking of a portable one, you might be quite disappointed as you can’t get the miter saw as a portable one.

Though you’ll find the miter saw a little more expensive than the other miter saw, the features that the saw comes with are worthy of its price.

Overall it’s versatile and flawless cut with amazing features definitely worth its price.