Delta 5000 Table Saw Review of 2020


Wondering for a heavy-duty but vibration less table saw? We know that’s truly difficult to pick the best one. But Delta 36-5000 could be the table saw you’re looking for. Today we intend to cover Delta 5000 Table Saw Review as this is the heavy-duty table saw with vibration less feature. So, we’re here to dive into the deep insight of the table saw and sort out the details of the table saw just to let you know if this Delta 36-5000 table saw.

Delta 36-5000 is an amazing table saw coming out of the house of Delta machinery. This is a contractor table saw with all the professional features. This table saw is its fame for the low sound and less vibration. When you’re going to work with this table saw, you will get it to be a very stable and efficient wood-working tool.  

However, If this Delta 36-5000 caught your eyes, but can’t decide whether it is worth buying for, then you’re in the right place. Today we’ll reveal the detailed insights of Delta 36-5000 table saw with what you may or may not like, what the previous buyers say on the table saw, etc.

Delta 5000 Table Saw Review:[High-End Professional Table Saw]

Delta 36-5000 comes with tubular stands, which are perfect for a heavy-duty machine. So, there is no chance to slip the table saw from the place. You are going to get a perfect and precise cut with this. Moreover, with this table saw, there is a minimal possibility to occur accidents at your workstation.  

However, If you are taking up a severe and strict wood-cutting project, you can smoothly go forward with this one without any hassle.

Delta 5000 Table Saw Highlights:


  • Produces low sound and less vibration. So, you’ll get a noise-free pleasant work environment.
  • The accurate and precise cut is possible with this table saw.
  • This tool comes with an easily accessible on and off switch. When you want your machine to stop abruptly, this switch works like magic.
  • This tool is specially made for heavy-duty stuff. You can handle big and sturdy jobs with this particular tool.
  • This saw is huge, but with the wheels attached to the table, you can take this to the location where the work is needed! So, it’s portable.


  • The operation of this table saw is quite tricky for beginners.
  • The user manual is quite complicated for starters.

Expert's View:

According to most of the past buyers, the stability of the Delta 36-5000 table saw is amazing. And it vibrated only a little bit during its operation. If you put a coin on the table during your work, you will see, the coin won’t even move when the table saw runs.

Though it’s a heavy table saw, you can easily move it into a new place easily with the help of the wheels, and that is also highly admired by the professionals.

The professionals have got the accuracy level of the table saw terrific. When using this on regular cutting stuff where the precision is required, you may choose the table saw.

Finally, as this saw is a high-end professional table saw, you can easily use the basic features if you are a beginner. But if you are an expert, you might enjoy the wood-cutting job with this delta 36-5000 table saw. 

Detailed Overview Of Delta 36-5000 Table Saw:

Required Voltage:

The voltage required to run the table saw is around 120 V – 240 V. So, you are going to get this voltage at almost anywhere. Even If you intend to work somewhere away from your usual workplace, then getting this particular voltage will not be a tough thing. So, this Delta 36-5000 will suit almost everywhere you need to use. 

Accurate Angle & Depth Cutting:

This particular table saw can cut angles and corners more precisely and accurately. If you require a precise 45-degree angle cut, you can easily do it with the table saw. No matter how hard or rough the surface is, if you wish to cut around 2.25-inch depth of them, You’re a go with this table saw. Not only a single cut, but this gigantic tool is capable of cutting in the same angle continuously. It will also provide a 90-degree angle cut, but the depth of the cut, in this case, will be around 3.5 inches. 

Effective Dust Management system:

This large table saw is capable of handling a large number of high-end projects. Hence, a proper dust collector is added to this. There is a 2.5″ hose that successfully collects the dust particles, and a 4″ adapter is added to the tool to make sure that one can take the dust pane out of the machine and clean it properly.

Powerful Motor:

Delta 36-500 comes with a motor of 15 Amp. The induction motor used for this case is impressive. The voltage input is very less compared to the other table saws under this category. So, this powerful motor gives the blade the optimum power to cut the wood in the assigned angle more precisely like butter. It is absolutely outdoor stuff. If you have a continuous power supply, this will work like magic.

Wide Table To Finish The Jobs Without Any Hassle:

The inbuilt table with a dimension of 40X44X24 inches is wide enough to handle large stock of wood-cutting job without any hassle. Further, the stands of the table are strong and sturdy enough to hold the whole saw, blades, dust panes everything at a single place. That’s the stability you are going to get from the table saw that would allow you to handle even the industrial wood-cutting works with this table saw.

Things You May Concern About The Delta 36-5000 Table Saw:

Though this delta 36-5000 table is a high-end table saw, there are few little things you may be little concerned about.

As the table saw is designed for high-end wood-cutting jobs with professional quality, the operation of the table saw might seem quite tricky to you if you’re a beginner. But if you’re real keen, that won’t be a big deal for you.

The manual is also a tough thing to decode, especially for beginners. If you are a pro, this delta 36-5000 will just blow you away. 

About the Product Brand:

Delta machinery has its name in the power tool manufacturing industry for more than 100 years. They always strive to come up with some efficient tools for the woodworkers. Their main aim is to provide durable and high-quality tools for the woodworkers.

The company has been working in this field since 1919 and based in Milwaukee, United States. The main products they develop are the different types of saw for different working bases.

The company was later acquired by the popular and well-known brand black & decker in the year 2004. Since then, they are working hard to reach other parts of the country and the world as well.

The tools made by this company are sturdy and heavy in nature. If you are handling some high-end construction or wood-working stuff, you can easily rely on their tools. These tools are being used in several projects out there, and all of them are working efficiently!

Editor's Boost

Finally, in today’s Delta 5000 table saw review, we’ve tried to leave no stone unturned about revealing the features and other things related to Delta 36-5000 table saw. So, you might get the points that you need to know about this table saw.

In fact, this Delta 36-5000 is a stable and high-end table saw designed for commercial grade jobs. So, definitely, you’re getting all the professional features from the table saw.

Further, as the table saw produces very little sound and vibration, it’ll give you a noise-free environment to work that’ll make the wood cutting job more enjoyable.

Even more, the depth and angle capacity of the Delta 36-5000 table saw is beyond question. That must ensure accurate and precise wood cutting. And that is what a carpenter wishes for.

Additionally, Delta machinery is a US power tool manufacturer who has got fame for producing various kinds of wood-working tools among the US carpenters.

So, that’s all about the Delta 36-5000 table saw. We might say if you’re searching for a high-end table saw, this table saw won’t let you down.