Evolution Rage 3 Review of 2020

Evolution Rage 3 Review

In the technology of multi-material cutting, It is evolution manufactured power tools who’re actually leading the industry. To cut various materials like wood that embedded plastic and nails, aluminum, steel, etc, Evolution power tools are mostly recommended by professionals. You’re looking for a multi-material cutting tool, but can’t decide which one to choose, Right?

How does it feel knowing you’re about to get all the relevant information regarding a multi-material cutting tool? And that might be something you’re looking for. Yes! Evolution rage 3 is such a kind of sliding miter saw that is, in fact, popular for it’s almost all material cutting features. And considering all the other features and past buyers’ experiences, I’m confident that this Evolution Rage 3 won’t disappoint you.

Accordingly, This Evolution rage 3 sliding compound miter saw that’s supposed to cut pretty much anything; wood, aluminum, steel, plastic with their proprietary blade that comes in the saw. Today we would do a comprehensive Evolution Rage 3 review with what we think pros and cons. So, let’s just jump right into it.

Honest Evolution Rage 3 Review- [That's what you might be looking for]

Various factors are there to consider a miter saw as a perfect one. To assist you in choosing your miter saw, we’ll discuss here all the features of Evolution Rage 3, including pros and cons, along with the past buyers’ experiences and so on. So, just stay tuned….

Features of Evolution Rage 3 Sliding Compound Miter Saw:

Common Features:


  • Can cut pretty much anything; wood, aluminum, steel, plastic, tiles etc
  • Excellent Cut quality
  • Have Adjustment screws for the 90 and 45 degree stops
  • Pretty solid build quality
  • Have a combination blade just like a chainsaw
    Run out on the arbor.
  • Good on a job site
  • Durable miter saw
  • Less expensive
  • Extra-ordinary performance


  • Laser Guidence is in fact useless
  • Vibration is a bit more in this saw
  • Dust bag is not that effective

Remarks & Suggestions:

If you’re searching for a miter saw in the market, you should stop now, this saw is the one that you want for -that’s what the expression is of a past buyer who has already been using it. If you’re a metal hobbyist or work on heavy manufacturing or rapid prototyping, I can tell you that this is a less bargain tool that you may buy.

Another happy user expressed his view like- it’s very easy to use and intuitive precise cuts, he has used the saw on plastic, hard foam, copper, aluminum, wood and so on. But it did the job.

However, considering all the facts and features, pros and cons, and analyzing past buyers’ experiences, we may recommend you to pick the Evolution Rage 3 multi-purpose sliding miter saw.

Better For:

  • Are you in search of a miter saw that might cut almost all types of metals?
  • Want to buy a saw at an inexpensive price with a multi-material cutting feature?
  • Or maybe you’re looking for a durable one with extraordinary features?

Alright! This Evolution Rage 3 sliding compound miter saw is a perfect fit for you.

As this miter saw is a multi-material cutting tool. Because you’re able to cut all the materials like aluminum, steel, tiles, wood as well as wood with nails, etc. with this, and no doubt, It is one of the most durable saws in a reasonable price.

User & Expert Recognition:

Going through the past user’s experience, we’ve found this Evolution Rage 3 as one of the most chosen miter saw. Even the professionals also recommended the saw-like saying- “It’s a pretty cool saw no doubt, and I’ve used lots of miter saws throughout my career and growing up working for my dad and construction. And I would put this next to a lot of them.”

You may cut aluminum, plastic and wood very well and you’d  really like it’s soft starting.-that’s what another user expressed regarding the saw.

Moreover, we think it’s a fine tool for the job to make rough cuts with this saw or anything.

Few Other Features of Evolution Rage 3 Sliding Compound Miter Saw:

From the close observation on evolution rage 3 miter saw, we’ve identified few exclusive features, and that’s we’re gonna discuss now:

Adjustment Screws For The 90 And 45 Degree Stops:

Whenever you get a new tool in the shop, you should dial in all the adjustments to make sure everything is referencing true and square. However, it will be really nice to see the adjustment screws for the 90 and 45 degree stops when angling the head of the saw. There’s also a depth stop for making non through cuts like dados and rabbets, which we think very nice.

Build Quality:

As far as to build quality, it feels pretty solid, doesn’t feel like it has any give anywhere. It doesn’t feel chintzy at all. It slides fairly nicely, and there’s a cord keeper back here to keep the cord out of the way. So you don’t accidentally cut your cord, which you may do on various other types of saws. Just when you’re trying to get something done for the day, and you just cut right through your cord, and then you have to fix that, and that’s a big huge pain in the butt.

Laser Guidance:

Some other things that you will find on it that there is a laser that is pretty much garbage. You shouldn’t entirely rely on a laser on tools. Because for that same reason, there’s supposed to be precision tools every laser we’ve seen has been leaving something to be desired. So that being said, there are adjustments on the laser. But you might be fooled with them back and forth and back and forth for the longest time, and it still doesn’t line up. So, the laser is, in fact, useless most of the time. You may always find it just as easy to line up the tooth of the blade to your cut line anyhow. So that’s actually not a big deal but a useless feature.

Combination Blade:

Next, let’s talk about their combination blade that comes with this saw. You’ll find this really interesting. The tooth design is designed almost exactly like a chainsaw. Chain with a raker in front of the tooth stops the actual cutting tooth from taking too big of a bite. Now I assume that’s for cutting steel. So, you aren’t trying to make a giant bite out of steel. But that’s really interesting regardless.

Run out on the Arbor:

Alright! Next up is run out on the arbor. We could have set up my dial indicators and figured out how many thousands have run out there was. But instead, we just noticed a wobbly arbor screw and washer with our naked eye, a little concerning. But on looking at the video footage, the flange that seats on the arbor seems to be running somewhat true. We’re not sure who blame on this one. The hex screw manufacturer with loose tolerances, or is there a more serious run-out problem. Either way, we didn’t like seeing that there seem to be some vibration in this saw

Cut Quality:

Alright! The main event is of the cut quality. It’s excellent for rough cutting two by fours. But way too much tear out for any kind of furniture work. That is, in fact, the main feature that makes this saw so special. That is the ability to cut steel with the same blade. If you cut things, definitely felt rough as you’re making it. But you must be actually pretty surprised how clean the end result is. Even if you are the guy who occasionally needs to cut a few pieces of metal, we’d say this is a pretty handy machine to have in your garage.

Good on a Job Site:

We think it would be good on a job site, especially if you’re cutting things with nails in them. Maybe you’re reclaiming wood or using reclaimed wood. As day-to-day operations, we wouldn’t cut metal with this all day long. The blade that comes with it, it’s kind of a cool novelty. It is nice. A lot of people were complaining online that this saw only accepted a one-inch bore arbor blade only to fit their proprietary blades. But that’s not true. And the North American shipped saws come with a reversible flange that fit 5/8 inch bore saw blades. So that was nice.

Brand Faith:

Evolution’s reputation as a brand in general, but this rage 3 sliding miter saw’s status is incredible. Customers’ happy feedback proves its value in its field. However, as a durable miter saw, you’ll enjoy working with it for long as it will last long. Hope his Evolution Rage 3 miter saw won’t disappoint you.  

Editor's Boost

Something we really like is all of the adjustability on the saw – diode in to get perfect 90s and perfect 45s. But – it’s not, in my opinion, a pro tool. Some things I didn’t like are the run out on the arbor, as that is a little worrisome. The slow startup we know it’s probably to do with this saw being able to cut steel as well. But it’s really annoying to me. As a chop saw as well as a miter saw is a production tool that you go to because you want to cut things quickly instead of setting up a table saw sled or something like that for precision.

But yeah, that’s it. That’s my full comprehensive Evolution Rage 3 review for you. Considering all the facts and factors, we may highly recommend you to pick this sliding miter saw at that inexpensive price. Especially as a starter, this Rage 3 is an Awesome miter saw.