Grizzly G0555 Review of 2020


If you’re wondering about the Grizzly G0555 Bandsaw, but can’t determine whether you should shop the bandsaw, then you’re in the right place. Today we’re going to offer a Grizzly G0555 Review for you to let you know whether this one is a good catch for you or not. 

To be frank, Grizzly G0555 is a 14-inch Bandsaw with high quality and solid construction. It has been quite popular among the craftsmen because of its many great features like easily adjustable, cast iron made plate, powerful motor, safety measures, heavy-duty cutting capacity, resaw ability, etc. 

However, now we’re going to cover here a comprehensive Grizzly 14 Bandsaw Review with a detailed insight of the bandsaw, including pros and cons. So, Let’s keep going…..

Grizzly G0555 Review-[High-Quality Bandsaw With Solid Construction]

Let’s have a look at Grizzlies G0555 14-inch wood cutting bandsaw. This is an all-time favorite bandsaw among the craftsmen. In this review, we’ll try to go through the features and specifications, pros and cons, detail insights of the band saw, and what the professionals view on the bandsaw, and so on. So, just stay tuned…..

Grizzly G0555 Features & Spec:


  • Excellent fit and finish
  • Pretty good dust collection
  • Super nice fence 
  • Heavy-duty Bandsaw with solid construction
  • Has a Powerful motor with plenty of power.
  • Well-balanced wheel to move around at ease.
  • Easy and simply adjustable
  • Large Cutting capacity with resaw feature


  • Riser kits aren’t included to re-saw
  • Blade seems not that good enough to do heavy duty.

Remarks & Suggestions:

This Grizzly g0555 bandsaw is, in fact, a prominent bandsaw to the craftsmen because of its professional-like features with killer price. All features like powerful motor and blade, safety wheel cover, heavy-duty ball bearings, effortlessly adjustable blade, cast iron made body, etc. have made the bandsaw a perfect bandsaw for woodcutting. 

Analyzing the past buyer’s experiences, we’re confident that It’s an excellent bandsaw for you if you’re a hobbyist or wanna shop it for your home garage or small shop. But if you’re a professional craftsman and wanna use it commercially, using the rising kits might enhance the capacity of this bandsaw for you.  

Finally, observing all the facts, it’s evident that, as a 14-inch bandsaw, this Grizzly G0555 bandsaw is a great pick for any home or small shop owners. 

What's In The Grizzly G0555 Bandsaw's Insight:

Motor and Power Input:

This saw features a Strong 1 horsepower motor that is wired for 110 to 20 single-phase powers. It comes pre-wired 110 volt. So you can pretty well plug it in your shops 110 outlet and begin to use it. 

Bleed Speed:

This is a two-speed saw with the blade speeds being 1,500 and 3,000 feet per minute. Speed changes are derived using a step pulley. And as you can see we use a serpentine belt which reduces vibrations substantially. 

Blade Capacity:

The blade capacity of the triple 5 is 1/8 to 3/4 of an inch and the blade length is ninety three and a half inches. This is a standard length blade. There is also a variety of fine blaze including Timber wolf blades that are made of Swedish steel.

Cutting Capacity:

The cutting capacity and width is thirteen and a half inches. Generally when you refer to a fourteen inch bandsaw is the distance from the blade to the saws frame. They recycle or how tall a board you can run through this saw is six inches. 

Optional Riser Kit:

This particular saw also has an optional riser kit available that will give you additional six inches of resaw capacity for a total of twelve. The kits model number is #H3051. And the package includes a block guard and a longer blade.

Wheels & Heavy Duty Ball Bearings:

The wheels are made of aluminum and their computer balanced for a smooth operation. They also run on heavy-duty ball bearings. This saw features a quick-release system for changing out the blades.

Blade Tension:

Blade tension is adjusted using the knob on the top of the bandsaw. The saw also features a gauge that’s calibrated for different blade widths. The quick-release blade tension lever allows you to quickly release the blade tension when not in use to maximize blade life and then retention the blade again when needed. Blade tracking is quick and easy using the knob located on the back of the bandsaw. 

Ball Bearing Blade Guides:

This saw features ball-bearing blade guides with fine adjustments. And these support the blade both where the cut is being made above the table as well as below.

Solid Cast Iron Made Body:

The body of the saw is made of solid cast iron and a stand made of heavy gauge steel. This helps dampen vibration. The heavy-duty table was made of cast iron at a precision ground for smoothness and a great finish.

Miter Gauge And A Locking Fence That Ensures Safety:

The machine also comes complete with a miter gauge and a locking fence. A quick flip of the handle and the fence locks in place at the desired location. The fence also lifts off the table when not needed and has a magnified cursor for measurement. The table also tilts 45 degrees to the right and 10 degrees to the left.

Table Height:

The Florida table height on this saw is a comfortable 43 and 5/16 of an inch and the shipping weight of this saw is approximately 198 pounds and comes to you nicely packed.

Brand Faith:

Grizzly might not have that recognition like Delta, but in the last few years, they’ve gained a lot of fans over the woodworking field. That’s only because of their quality bandsaws at affordable prices. And their after sell service is also very satisfying.

How To Change Blade On This Bandsaw:

Let’s see how easy it is to change the blades on this machine. First, disconnect the computer from the wall power outlet. Then you have to flip this lever up. Open the upper and lower wheel covers. Remove the table insert. Slide the blade out and replace it with the new one. Line up the new blade on the two wheels and through the guides. Flip the quick-release lever back down and the blade is tight again. Glide the upper wheels slowly by hand to make sure the blade is properly aligned on the wheels and the blade guides. Shut both the upper and lower doors. Replace the table insert. Plug the cord back into the outlet and you’re back in business

Editor's Boost

Finally, Let’s sum up what we’ve got in this Grizzly 14 Bandsaw Review. This Bandsaw is a high quality saw for wood cutting with professional quality but correct to say not full commercial grade bandsaw. So, if you’re a hobbyist or home garage bandsaw user, this Grizzly G0555 14″ bandsaw would be a perfect one for you to run versatile, powerful, and smooth operation of woodcutting.

But if you’re a professional craftsman searching for a bandsaw with professional quality with killer price, This grizzly G0555 might be an excellent solution for you as you can enhance its ability by using it’s rising kits.