Laguna 1412 Bandsaw Review of 2020

Wondering a quality bandsaw for your wood cutting job? If yes, you might be facing a lot of issues that make you confused about which one to pick. As you’ll find a lot of varieties in bandsaws available, but all of them aren’t worth your bucks and even time. 

You may try to figure the things out by yourself, take a shot on any bandsaws you like expecting that will work fine, or you may be smart on this and take the suggestion from somewhere who’s on it for long. Hey, that’s us.

We’ve spent a long time on various kinds of saws and other woodcutting tools. There are various kinds of bandsaws in the market and Even different kinds of bandsaws manufactured by the same brands as well. Laguna is a prominent brand manufacturing bandsaws. Even they have a variety of options and prices. Today we’re going to cover Laguna 1412 Bandsaw Review with detailed insights. Just dive into the review!

Laguna 1412 Bandsaw Review [Great Bandsaw For Hobbyist]

Laguna 1412 is a durable bandsaw with easy to use the feature. It’s cast iron made body and wheels, vibration-free performance, solid foundation, ceramic guide, and all other features make it excellent in its price. Today we’ll go through the ins and out of the bandsaw with all the features, pros and cons, and what the users view and so on.

Laguna 1412 Bandsaw Highlights:



Remarks & Suggestions:

While digging things out and go through the present users’ view, we’ve found this bandsaw as a good one to pick but for a hobbyist or weekend craftsmen who just want a bandsaw with professional quality in minimum bucks. Just like a hobbyist exclaimed-“I’ve got three other bandsaws in the shop, and I find that I use this one the most.”

Another professional Craftsman expressed-“Now one thing I’ve realized is this machine keeps on exceeding my expectations, but to be honest with you that wasn’t hard to do, I was basing it on the price point. This machine falls around at minimum price, so I guess my expectations were not that high.” 

Though it’s not a commercial grade bandsaw, you can’t deny that Laguna 1412 would be a perfect pick in its price. But if you’re wondering for a commercial-grade bandsaw, this may not be the best suit for you.  

Detailed Overview of Laguna 1412 Bandsaw:

Amazing Versatility:

If you’ve come to find out the versatility, that is surprising. It is wired for 110, now you can wire it to 220. But it’s pre-wired with the 110 and you may like that. Because you don’t always have to be bumping on your 220. It uses less energy, therefore, it’s a little cheaper, has a one and three-quarter horsepower motor but it packs a punch.

Though It has the smaller blade on it, it bumps all the way up to the three quarter inch blade for resawing. And we’ve found the professionals who’ve resawn all the way up to 12 inches, which is its maximum capacity and haven’t had a problem with the power.

Concrete Build Quality:

The overall build quality of Laguna 14 12 bandsaw is right out of the package. Once you get it up the basis symbol in the saw and stamp, you can really tell it as a solid machine, nice cast iron table has cast iron wheels for the blade to run on, and for the price point of this saw, it really can’t be beaten quality-wise. It resaws up to 12 inches. The saw does feature a 1 in three-quarter horsepower motor, and it’s 14 amps. So you can run it on a 15 or 20 amp circuit in your shop. And you won’t trip breakers.

The machine has a pyramid-shaped frame that really helps the sturdiest of the machine and a nice heavy-duty cast iron table, which measures 21 inches by 16 inches. So a nice oversized table for your material settlement.

Super Easy Height Adjustment Feature:

The height adjustment is super easy on this saw. There’s a knob on the side that you twist to loosen up. And there’s now raises and lowers it. That’s a nice rack and pinion system. So it’s super smooth goes up and down and stays in line, and you don’t have to adjust your guides if you want to adjust the height.

Comfortable Table Height:

Another thing you might like about this saw is the height of the actual table. It is 38 inches off the ground. So it’s a very comfortable height. When you are working your little feed material breathe, you’ll have to stay hunched over. It is a nice and very workable height. The saw does have a 13 and 5/8 throat depth from the blade to the back of the saw.

Ceramic Guides to Adjust and Tune at Ease:

It comes with the ceramic guides, and Laguna offers these on all their bandsaws. So they’re fairly easy to adjust and to tune. They are very smooth and very easily adjustable front and back. And the two guys to the side. Just lose them up. Get it where you need them. Tie them down, and they will stay in place. The ceramic guides are on the top and the bottom. 

Blade Tensioning Window to See And Fix The Blade Adjustment:

A couple of the features that most other bandsaws don’t have are their windows. This machine does feature two heavy cast iron wheels that the blade runs on. If you open the fence up, you’ll see nice cast wheels on the inside. There are two viewing windows on the machine. One on the front that lets you track the blade when you switch it out to make sure it’s centered on the wheel. And the other on the side you might see the attention cage.

Dust Port And Halogen Light:

There’s a 4-inch dust port with the saw on the side. You’ll find this primer here helps with the dust and underneath all the bottom wheel. There’s a brush that helps not good dust off the lathe. And it’ll go down into the four-inch dump. The optional halogen work light is fully adjustable and emits a soft Floodlight. That would assist you to cut precisely and perfectly.

Couple Of Things That May Irritate You:

Anyway! As much as you like this, we will go over a couple of things that might kind of irritate you. The guide on the top and bottom they use the same one, therefore this knob is all the way over on this side. So it’s a little hard to get. But especially if you have some sausage fingers, you may fix it quite easily. But true to say, getting to that, adjusting that back ceramic guide is kind of a pain. 

Another real obvious thing and this falls within the price point, so it’s livable, it’s acceptable, but there’s no break for the blade. So most bandsaws have a break. Don’t get that mixed up with this. This is nice but it’s not a break. This allows you to push it around. This is it’s an extra. So it does not come with it. But it’s really helpful, especially if you’re a hobbyist. If you want to push this to the corner of your garage and allow for room for other tools I’d recommend that. 

How to Change the Blade:

You’d love how quick and fairly easy it is to switch out the blades in these, it’s a quick release, and you can get this down to probably down around five minutes to change out the blade, which is a real plus for you. Blade changes are straightforward for the 14 12. First,  remove the throat plate to release the tension. Open the magnetic guard. Drop down the guard cover to open the lower door. Remove the table lock. Carefully remove the blade. 

Brand Faith:

Over the last thirty years, Laguna holds it’s fame manufacturing woodworking and metalworking tools. They’re, in fact, an American manufacturer usually produces many tools in woodworking fields like bandsaws, and it’s various parts like dust collectors and blades as well as jointer and planers, etc. They’re prominent for producing many woodworking tools. So, Craftsmen have faith in them for their tools.

Editor's Boost

Finally, to conclude the Laguna 1412 bandsaw review, our final verdict is with all those said the downfalls, they’re somewhat minor you can live with them, they’re not deal-breakers. We think this machine really covers the bases for a hobbyist all the way up to a professional. We know that for a lot of hobbyists, the price point might seem like a lot. All in all, our view is- it’s worth spending a little bit more, just to avoid the aggravation of other tools and when you have something that does something precise. It really makes woodworking easier and then it makes you look a little bit better, and if you can enjoy woodworking a little bit more. Sometimes it’s worth it.