Laguna 14bx Bandsaw Review of 2020


Bandsaws are commercial-grade most of the time, giving you precise operation. This offers to simplify your woodworking jobs and let you accomplish a lot within a short time. Laguna is a prominent brand that produces a variety of durable tools for woodworking jobs with different features. You might be confused about getting a lot of options when looking for the best Laguna bandsaw, Worry not. Today we’re going to offer Laguna 14bx Bandsaw Review and that might be worth considering.

Laguna 14bx is in fact, further development of their very popular 14bx 12” bandsaw. this is a more industrial version if it’s a floor model. so it goes all the way to the floor without a stand. the frame and the steel of the frame are heavy. It has easy door opening, fast ion, flywheels both upper and lower, plays chains quit just like very simple and all other features that we’re going to cover here today, that makes Laguna 14bx bandsaw really a user-friendly machine.

Let’s move ahead to the details!

Laguna 14bx Bandsaw Review

The 14 BX Series comes in two flavors. First the 1.75 horse 110 volts and then if you want to step up to 220 volts, they have the 2.5 horsepower version of the saw. Other than the motor these saws are from everything we can tell interchangeable parts pretty much identical. Just a power and voltage difference these saws are the continuation of the Laguna 14bx 12” bandsaw. However, Let’s dig into the deep insight!

Laguna 14bx Bandsaw Highlights:


  • The versatile band saw.
  • Adequate power to resaw hard word pretty much.
  • Blade guard adjusts smoothly and locks in very solidly.
  • It’s large precision ground and heavy cast-iron wheels deliver smooth cut.
  • The disk brake utilizes a micro switch to stop blade and motor instantly.
  • Has all the safety features
  • The industrial quality band saw.


  • The fence doesn’t seem that kind of durable.

Remarks & Suggestions:

Ok! Let’s talk about something about the Laguna 14bx bandsaw that stands out. The cutting table of the saw is large enough for smooth operation and precise cut. It is able to cut almost everything like butter you’d throw at it. And it produces less vibration as a power tool it’s relatively quiet. The break option is a unique one for the bandsaw. Even more, It resaws like a champ!

However, this Laguna 14bx bandsaw is an industrial as well as a commercial-grade bandsaw. It’s an upgraded bandsaw from Laguna with many impressive features. If you’re looking for a commercial-grade bandsaw, this bandsaw will be great.

But if you’re a hobbyist, looking for a bandsaw for your home garage or small shop, you may shop other bandsaw that may drill quite smaller hole in your pocket. 

Moreover, It’s very easy even for beginners to set up and use and can cut as precisely as you could expect for a bandsaw. So, just pull the trigger, you won’t regret it.

High-Level Impressions Of Laguna 14bx Bandsaw:

However, let’s get through a few high-level impressions of this Laguna 14bx Bandsaw. First of all, it is power. On the 110 volt version, there’s adequate power to do pretty much whatever you want. And that includes resawing hardwood up to 13 inches. Now that’s impressive and frankly quite rare in 110 volts saw. On the 2.5 horse version you’ll find that you can actually resaw large boards faster; actually roughly twice as fast. Also, The 14 BX can resaw thin slices and have a consistent thickness from top to bottom which means less wasted material.

Some band saws require a lot of tweaking and really all the planets to be an alignment to get a good resaw cut. With the 14 BX, you can walk up, set the fence and start Slicing very easily. That’s been perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of these saws. Another notable aspect is its versatility. I’ve been really impressed by how you can go from re-sawing to cutting curves and then back to resawing very quickly and without a headache.

Few Key Features Of Laguna 14bx Bandsaw:

Stout Frame :

The first we’d like to call out here is the stout frame. The heavy European-style spine keeps the saw rigid under heavy stress. And that’s a big reason why the saw does such a great job of keeping its adjustment even when raising and lowering the blade guard.

Blade Guard:

Speaking of the blade guard we really like the heavy-duty worm gear design in this one. That’s a feature that you just don’t normally find on saws in this price range. It adjusts so smoothly and locks in so solidly in any position that there’s no flex in that shaft; even when it’s fully extended. After all, if you try this test on any 14-inch band saws you’ll see the flex and you’ll know what we’re talking about. That makes a huge difference when you’re resawing. Because it holds everything in great alignment; even when it’s under stress.

Hence, that ensures a great quality cut. But that rigid blade guard extension is not only important when resawing. This also comes into play when you’re doing things like a curved matched cut. With the 14 BX, you’ll find that the alignment is perfect every time and you can go straight from the saw to the assembly table for glue-up.

Large Precision Ground:

Another key to delivering smooth cuts in these 14bx bandsaws is these large precision ground and heavy cast-iron wheels. These are not only extremely heavy but well balanced and true. They’re beefy and made of cast iron. So they’re going to absorb a lot of vibration and hold the table very solidly as you’re pushing through a cut.

Dust Management:

Now all of that heavy cutting creates a lot of fine dust which is a health hazard. So you want to be able to have a good dust extraction design. And they’re going to really deliver as well in this area. They’ve got a pair of strategically placed dust ports. One sits just below the point where all that dust is created and that should capture about 80% of the dust. This port is angled at 45 degrees downward which is important because it provides a nice gentle off-ramp for the dust.

Because of the larger full-height unibody design in this saw they’ve also positioned another port near the bottom of the lower housing. This captures any remaining dust that snuck past the upper port and does a great job of keeping the inside of the bandsaw clean and your shop here nice and clear.

Disk Break:

Another unique feature of the Laguna 14bx band saw is the disc brake. A lot of band saws have a braking system. But this one is really cool. It utilizes a micro switch to stop not only the blade but the motor as well. And the stopping is instantaneous.

Fence And Guide System:

Another area of the saw that we’d like to take a look at here is the area where you’ll spend most of your time and that’s around the table, fence, and guide system. The table is a massive slab of cast iron at over 20 by 16 inches. It’s a highly polished dead flat great work surface. The fence is also outstanding. Check out this versatility and going from an upright position for resawing to a horizontal position for ripping thin stock. This fence is also plenty rigid to hold a workpiece firmly and ensure a good quality cut.

Laguna Guides:

And last but not least the unique Laguna guides that provide 10 points a ceramic contact to support the blade during cutting. You might be impressed by how simple they are to set up and adjust. You literally just place the guides in contact with the blade on all sides. Lock it down and you’re ready to cut. No more feeler gauges, dollar bills for gap settings, or hassles of any kind. Now you can do it without giving it a second thought. Because it is painless.

Quick Release Tension Arm:

Another feature that we’d like to call out is the quick release tension arm. These are becoming common on band saws. But what we like about this one is that the long arm makes switching on and off a breeze. It’s just smooth and easy. We’ve come to also appreciate the fact that the visible arm from the front of the saw gives you a good indicator that the tension is released. And that means when you go to use the saw the next time, you have a good visual indication that the blade is detention. So I won’t accidentally start the saw in this condition.

Halogen Lights:

The saw comes with the halogen lights with the built-in transformer that are fantastic. They produce a lot of high-quality light. Laguna offers a couple of different styles of them. They are with a single knuckle as well as with three knuckles. You must like the long arm and the additional joints that this one provides. That allows you to position the light right where you want it. And these lights can be installed in two positions whether on top of the saw or on the side and that’s really just your preference; where you’d like to place the light during your cutting operations.

Wheel System:

Another notable feature on these saws is the wheel system. This allows you to use a foot pedal to lift the saw easily roll it around the shop and then lower it back down to the floor. This is a great way to maximize space in your shop.

Brand Faith:

Laguna Tools is an Amerian Tools production company that have been producing metal working and working tools for last three decades.  Even more, they’re an award-winning company leading the industry manufacturing a variety of tools like bandsaws, blades, dust collectors, planers, jointer, etc. A lot of high-end industrial woodworking tools are manufactured by them. So,  They’ve got fame in the woodworking industry for their tools and service.

Editor's Boost

Alright! Let’s sum up our today’s Laguna 14bx Bandsaw Review. We’ve covered a lot of ground here on the 14bx band saws. Let me just share a couple of parting thoughts. If you’re looking for a band saw and trying to make a decision which bandsaw to choose for your shop. Then the 14 BX series is a great consideration. Because this Laguna 14bx band is a great kind of value price saw. It will give you a lot of capabilities for the price. If you like a little bit more power performance in a cooler running 220 volt motor, the 14bx comes also with an optional two and a half horse 220 volt motor and that would be a great way to go.