Powermatic 14 Bandsaw Review of 2020


If you’re a carpenter or framer, no matter whether you’re a professional or amateur, you might be in search of a durable, dependable, and professional bandsaw for your wood-cutting job. Hence, there are a lot of bandsaws available in the market; we’re here to cover Powermatic 14″ Bandsaw Review for you to let you know about a bandsaw with that quality, a carpenter should have.

Among all other 14 inch Powermatic bandsaws, Powermatic 1791216K is the bandsaw that got our attention. Wanna know how it performs? Just Check out our today’s review and see what you may expect from the bandsaw.

The Powermatic 1791216k is mostly fit for comfortable, flexible, and professional wood-cutting jobs. In fact, this bandsaw has been designed thinking of the professionals in mind.

However, just continue reading the review of the bandsaw to learn more about its features, facilities, and flows, etc. in detail.

Powermatic 1791216K 14" Bandsaw Review:[Heavy-Duty Bandsaw]

The Powermatic 1791216k is a14 inch 1-3/4 inch wood-working bandsaw with guides, chips, and lamps. It comes with an extra-large two-piece case iron table and is balanced with a nine-spoke cast iron wheel. Basically, it’s a user-friendly bandsaw that is ideal for both professionals and amateurs.

The bandsaw is with an advanced design that offers absolute accuracy and durability. Furthermore, its innovative features allow you to handle large stock of jobs, of course, with precision and control.

Again, the cast iron made body has given a solid foundation to the bandsaw. It gives you a vibration-free rigid operation while you’re cutting woods. Even more, it’s heavy structure, and steel made base gives it the overall stability. So, the bandsaw provides vibration-free and smooth operation.

Besides, the 1791216k bandsaw is featured with an amazing dust management system. There is a dust collector with the bandsaw that allows the dust to pass through the lower cabinet, the interior of it. The 4-inch dust collector port ensures dust evacuation—an integral air through an adjustable nozzle attached to keep the cut line clearly visible. So, you’ll get a dust-free job site that will help you to cut precisely without any guess.

The cast-iron drive wheels are fitted with high-quality tires that last long even after cutting wood for years. They are dynamically balanced in order to ensure smooth and flawless operation.

Powermatic 1791216K 14" Bandsaw Highlights:

The 1791216k is an advanced model that is improved with so many amazing features that have made it a professional’s first choice. It has a 15 HP powerful motor with 1.115 volt, which uses a flat poly V belt to make the 93-1/2″ blade able to cut up to 6″ height × 13-1/2″ width capacity.

This model also comes with a 60-watt halogen lamp and an air pump that will keep the chips and dust away from the object. Blade capacity is pretty good and is from 1/8 inch up to 3/4 inch

Both above and below the table, there is a dual bearing blade guide system, which is micro-adjustable.

It has a 4-inch dust port, which is pretty standard and with an adjustable miter gauge. Even more, it has some other features like a toolbox, T-style rip fence, resaw assembly, and other features.

Though it’s heavy (net weight 203 pounds), it has nine-spoke cast iron wheels. So, it’s easy to move around your job site. It’s also easy to clean, and set up is easy too.

The Powermatic 1791216k bandsaw comes with a toolbox, including some necessary tools. Let’s have a look at them.

Why Should You Buy It? :

Powermatic 1791216k comes with some features that mainly focus on accuracy and comfort. Let’s have a look at its design and performance.


If you are looking for absolute accuracy and durable Powermatic bandsaw, just check out 1791216k’s design. Undoubtedly, You would be amazed to see its advanced features.

Blade & Motor:

In this job, the blade is the essential part of a bandsaw. Usually, the performance of a bandsaw depends on its blade. Powermatic 1791216k has 1/8 inch blade with 93-1/2 inch length with a 15 HP (with conjoined fan) industrial style motor.

So, you’ll enjoy the excellent blade speed (SFPM) 3000, which makes your wood-working task easier. It increases your productivity. Moreover, the blade is easily adjustable, and that reduces necessary saw maintenance.


Powermatic 1791216k model has an extra-large two-piece cast iron table, which is 15″ ×15″ along with a fixed extension measuring 15″ ×15″ with a total working surface area of 15″ ×20″.So, you’ll find a wide area for handling a lot of wood-working job without any hassle.

Performance :

If you have a deep look at Its performance, you’ll find that’s pretty good. It works without vibration. It’s a huge cast-iron body construction ensures it’s vibration-free works. Also, the dust port keeps your job site dust free. 

Again, the powerful motor of the saw with a poly V drive belt system allows constant and efficient transmission of power to the blade for the smooth operation of the bandsaw.

The user-friendly features of this Powermatic 1791216k bandsaw have made this a great one. It has a T -square style rip fence along with 4-inch resaw attachment. To make your task more precise and accurate, the bandsaw has a 60-watt lamp (bulb not included). So, it enlightens your workpiece while cutting.

Additionally, its chip blower ensures a clean, visible cut line that also allows you to cut wood precisely. However, both below and above the table, it has a micro-adjustable dual glide system in order to easy blade control. It’s under glide has 13-1/2 inch width capacity.

Experts View :

Experts’ reviews have made the Powermatic 1791216k as one of the top-rated bandsaws in the market. Let’s go through a few of their opinions regarding the bandsaw, and that might help you to decide about the bandsaw.

“I use it for resaw, I used a 1/2 inch 3TPI blade, my buddy has one too, he has 3/4 inch Timberwolves blade in his, but it can’t get enough tension for a blade that big. The 1/2 inch blade cuts very straight and very well. Mine came prepared assembled and when I got it I put the resaw blade on immediately, it tracks perfectly. Easy to set up, plenty of power ——-.just keep the blades down to 1/2 inch can resaw for 2×4 ft. in 35 seconds.”

-Bob Onwood, Amazon customer review

“This PWBS- 14 is very quiet and has no vibration to speak of. I know it will serve me proud for years to come. Powermatic hit a home run with this machine!!!”

-C. Tramonte, Amazon customer review

Thus, the Powermatic 1791216k bandsaw has earned the utmost expression of the previous buyers as well as professionals.



Brand Faith:

Powermatic has got fame for manufacturing durable and quality power tools for centuries. They started their journey in 1921. Since then, they are manufacturing a lot of power tools like table saws, bandsaws, drills and sanders, planners, etc.

They produce tools for both; home hobbyists as well as professionals. Those who’re working in the wood-cutting field, they must’ve heard about the Powermatic brand. Their tools are durable and long-lasting. So, they’ve been one of the leading brands in this field for decades.

So, as a brand, they are no doubt trustworthy.

Editor's Boost

If you’ve come up with today’s Powermatic 1791216K 14″ Bandsaw Review, you have already learned that this bandsaw is full of amazing features. Powermatic 1791216 is highly praised for its blade. It has 1/8 inch to 3/8 inch blades.

And obviously, there is a powerful motor that provides the blade speed (SFPM):3000. So, anything you throw at it, it cuts them like butter.

Besides, its heavy cast iron made body allows you the vibration-free operation. After all, this Powermatic 1791216k bandsaw is full of the features that a quality bandsaw should have and a professional carpenter expects.

Though few complain about it’s dust management and lack of the blade’s quick release feature, that’s not a big deal. If you’re working in a wood-cutting field, you actually can’t be fully free from dust, and that’s evident.

Although compared to other Powermatic of the market, 1791216k is a little expensive, when you need accuracy, flexibility all these together, it is really worth it’s price.