Various Type of Bandsaws

Bandsaw is a common and favorite power tool among professionals and amateurs. In fact, a bandsaw is every artisan’s dream tool. 

The high versatility, easy to operate features, and unique design make this type of saw a must for all woodworkers. 

Amidst a variety of equipment, it becomes a little confusing for most to set their hands on the right tool. Furthermore, every user’s requirement is different, so which type of bandsaws might suit one may not be good for the other. 

So, keeping in mind all these factors, we have come up with an essential guide on the types and features of the bandsaws available in the market. 

A Quick Overview on the Different types of Bandsaws:

Type of the Bandsaw Usage Best Pick
Horizontal Bandsaws
Specially used for cutting long materials like pipe, hardwood, bar stock, and steel to length.
Grizzly G0561 Horizontal Band Saw
Vertical Bandsaws
Used to cut complex angles and shapes.
Laguna 14bx vertical bandsaw
Handheld Bandsaws
For shaping and cutting metals like steel and also for bevel cut you may use them
Makita XBP02Z Cordless Portable Band Saw
Metal Bandsaws:
They are used to cut different types of metals, especially in the engineering industry and for bar stock in machine shops.
Jet HBS-916W
Wood Bandsaw
Helps to rip lumber and cut irregular shapes and angles.
Grizzly G0555
Meat Bandsaws
To cut frozen meat and bones.
KWS B-310 Countertop Heavy Duty Meat Band Saw

Different Types Of Bandsaws: [Pick The Right One]

A bandsaw is a power tool that is designed efficiently with a sharp metal blade consisting of teeth along its sides. 

Bandsaws come in several shapes, sizes, and functionality. To cut different materials smoothly in various shapes and angles, the bandsaws have growing importance. 

Let’s dig into the deep!

Bandsaws can be classified based on two different options:

  1.   According to Shape
  2.   According to Purpose

These two types can be further subdivided into other distinctive kinds of bandsaws.

Let us take a look at these:

According to Shape

For your kind information, there are three different types of bandsaws according to their shapes. They are:

  •       Horizontal Bandsaws
  •       Vertical Bandsaws
  •       Handhald bandsaws

1. Horizontal Bandsaws

The position of the saw’s cutting blade in horizontal bandsaws is positioned in a horizontal fashion. This saw keeps the vice beside the bed of the saw. It helps the blade to come down horizontally to cut efficiently through the stock. 

When you have to work with this saw, you need to place it on the floor. The saw holds the stock in a downward position and works silently without a noise.


Specially used for hardwood and steel. Horizontal bandsaws are extremely proficient in cutting large stock into smaller pieces. They are accurate and work with precision while cutting straight lines. 



Our Top pick:  Grizzly G0561 Horizontal Band Saw

2. Vertical Bandsaws:

These saws work vertically. The saw blade rotates between two wheels. One wheel is placed above the worktable while the other is placed right below. The motor runs on electricity and gives you the best results. 

The vertical bandsaws let you cut at various angles and can make intricate cuts. While working with this saw, you have to move the workpiece against the blade when making a cut.

Among the vertical bandsaws, there are few variants available. You’ll find few of vertical bandsaws for home shop use and also commercial grade vertical bansaw. So, you may pick according to your need.


Works best for wood, plastics, and non-ferrous alloys of metal. Vertical bandsaws can be used to cut complex angles and shapes. What you need to keep in mind is the blade speed while working. 



Our Top pick: Laguna 14bx vertical bandsaw

3. Handheld Bandsaws

If you need a versatile portable bandsaw on the go, these handheld bandsaws are the best option available. Unique design, small size, and versatility are their main advantages.

 Handheld bandsaws are consist of a serrated metal blade held together between two metal blades for quick cutting. It is famous among woodworkers who need such a tool to carry it to different places.


If you’re a metal fabrication shop owner, you need this type of bandsaw for shaping metals. Another advantage is they can cut through pipes and other metals, making minimal sounds. They can make bevel cuts, and helps in fastening joints too. 



Our Top Pick: Makita XBP02Z Cordless Portable Band Saw

According to Shape

As there are various types of bandsaws that serves different type of purposes, we’ve got about four kind of bandsaws. They’re-

  1.   Metal Bandsaws
  2.   Wood Bandsaws
  3.   Meat Bandsaws

1. Metal Bandsaws:

As the name suggests, metal bandsaws are specifically designed to cut metals. The blades are its most significant feature. The teeth of the blades help to cut metals efficiently and accurately. 

They are also available in two different types. 

  • Horizontal:  For cutting down huge pieces into smaller ones. 

Vertical: Helps in contour cutting, filing, and polishing to make woodwork appear more picturesque.


For cutting different types of metals. You can easily cut wood too through these types of bandsaws. This type of saws is actively used in the engineering industry and also for bar stock in machine shops. 



Our Top Pick: Jet HBS-916W 

2. Wood Band Saw

A professional tool, most commonly used by woodworkers, is a wood bandsaw. Its versatility is a huge hit, and this type of bandsaw is handy for making various cuts.

The blade works consistently with metal teeth to perform clean cuts.


Helps to rip lumber and cut irregular shapes. 

Depending on functionality, wood bandsaws can be further subdivided into 

  • Re-saws: To cut large stock of wood into tiny pieces, this type of bandsaws is used. Their small kerfs ensure minimal wastage of wood. 
  • Double Cut saws: Have cutting teeth on both sides. Hence its functionality is quite high. You can also cut plastic and other metals with double-cut saws.
  • Head Saws: Their most common application is to cut through hardwood with simplicity. 



Our Top Pick: Grizzly G0555 Bandsaw

3. Meat Bandsaws

A power tool, you can define no less than an artwork. An attractive bandsaw that you will find in every butcher’s store is the meat bandsaw. 

 These bandsaws are specially designed for cutting meat. Meat saws are constructed with an easy maintenance and cleaning system. With cutting meat for steak and lamb, meat bandsaws can cut through bones too.


Used to cut frozen meat and bones. Certain modern meat bandsaws also have extra provisions for mincing, spout for sausage making, etc. One disclaimer is you need to be fully trained to operate a meat bandsaw. 



Our top pick: KWS B-310 Countertop Heavy Duty Meat Band Saw

Things You Must Consider Before Shopping A Bandsaw:

Here is a list of features of the bandsaws that you need to check before purchasing one:

Motor: The most vital component of a bandsaw without which it can be compared to an old hacksaw. The average power of the motor is around ten amps or above. The speed on the motor is usually measured in FPM- Feet per Minute. Higher the PM higher is the speed.

Even motors can be categorized into brushed and brushless motors. The brushless motor has become more popular among power tools due to its high efficiency. 

Blades:  Depending on the material you are cutting, blades can be in any form. 

Having a blade tracking adjustment feature will help you keep an eye on the wear and tear of the power tool. You can easily measure your bandsaw speed and quality with teeth per inch factor (TPI).

Fences and Miter Gauges: For accurate straight cuts, adjustable fences and miter gauges are extremely useful. You can expect the best results with these features and especially if these are in-built in your saws.

Multi-speed Controls:  This is another most neglected but essential feature which is a must for any bandsaw. 

Multi-speed Controls lets you adjust your saw blade depending upon the material used to cut. You can adjust accordingly from softer to harder materials. 

Coolant Systems: This helps to maintain the sharpness of your blade. As the blade loops around, the reserve of lubricant and coolant keeps the blade sharpness intact.

Dust Collection Port: It is true that bandsaws usually do not create much sawdust or debris, but a dust collection port can be useful. The bigger, the better it is. Some models have a 4” while others have 2 ¼” port, both of which you can connect to a vacuum bag. 

Auto-Shut Off: Auto-shutoff will significantly help you to enhance the efficiency and safety of the horizontal bandsaws, 

The hydraulic piston works in such a fashion that lets the machine do slow cuts on its own. 

Built-in Lights: This helps you to get a clear vision on the line while you make some clean cuts even in low light. 

Safety Measures That You Should Never Overlook:

Using the bandsaws without having proper safety measures may cause severe accident. So, we’ve listed here few safety measures that you must follow during your bandsaw operation.

  • The length of the bandsaws blades is usually large. Make sure you take extra precautions while handling it. The extendable blade can otherwise cause a lot of accidents. Always switch off the power when not in use. 
  • While changing the blades, act carefully. Switching off power is imperative. Slight casualness can cost you something big. 
  • Wear eye protection. While working with metals, keeping your eyes bare can be dreadful.
  • Hold the stock with firmness and brace it against your worktable. Watch your fingers while you work, and as you approach the edge of the cut, push the material using sticks. 

Final Thoughts

Bandsaws are an extremely versatile power tool that will always prove to be a valuable asset to your workshop. You must need to choose the perfect bandsaw according to your working arena. 

That’s why we’ve tried to cover here almost every type of bandsaws available in the market with their usages, facilities, and drawbacks, etc. 

However, these tools are hazardous and can cause severe accidents if you’re not conscious enough. We urge you all to be very cautious while handling a bandsaw and must use the safety equipment during that time.  

By now, we hope that you are well versed in the productivity of the bandsaws. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned professional, this power tool will never disappoint you. 

Hence, we have given you a detailed guide on the different kinds of bandsaws along with their essential features. Hoping this article will serve its due purpose of being a valuable guide to your bandsaw search.